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sarah fischer, of mainline rehab associates, discriminates against the disabled

hello, my name is dylan. i have a "traumatic brain-injury," and i wanted someone who could help me with day-to-day tasks, whether it be guidance in refinancing my house or other stuff, so i called on mainline rehab associates. i asked sarah fischer if mainline rehab provided such a person, and she told me that what the company does is provide cognitive therapy. she said her company could "help" me to do the things i needed to be done, but they wouldn't do them for me. during the conversation, she asked me if i own any firearms. yes, you heard me right, she asked me if i own any firearms.

how should i have taken this? is this discrimination? does the company known as "mainline rehabilitation associates" feel that people who have lived through a "traumatic brain-injury" are not normal enough to be responsible enough to own a gun? for crying out loud, i am 41 years old - why didn't she ask me if i am responsible enough to thoroughly wipe my butt after making poo? why didn't she ask me if i wear an intimidating KKK-outfit when i am at home, why didn't she ask me if i owned the little doberman pinscher that would hurt the little sarah fischer? put your thumb back in your mouth, you scared little girl, there's something around every corner that's likely to intimidate you.

nobody who has ever come to my house has ever asked a question like that. not the cable-man, not the windshield-repairman, and not even the fedex-man. "do you own any firearms," she asked - this question really gets on my nerves. was she going to deny me service?

instead of saying "that's none of your business" or flat-out lying, what would she have done if i told her that i owned an assortment of guns? lady, if i was calling you so that i could hurt you at our meeting, i wouldn't need a gun. especially because you are a member of the shorter, smaller, weaker gender. come to think of it, i should have replied with these words: "well, there are knives in my kitchen and a hammer in my garage that's easy to throw, does that alarm you and disqualify me from receiving your services?".

actually, the minute she said "we provide cognitive-therapy," i was turned off. cognitive-therapy ranks right up there with "theraputic recreation". i have experienced both therapies, and i have lived through their utter uselessness. well, on the very next day, i called back to cancel my appointment...i left a message, and she didn't even call me back. something was fishy about her. no, i'm not talking about her babymaking pussy, so let me just say that something was awry.

i really feel that sarah fischer, of main line rehabilitation associates, was set to discriminate against a gun-owner. even worse, a gun-owner who is disabled. "do you own any firearms," is this the first question she asks anyone before providing her service? come to think of it, i'm going to start asking that before i make plans to get services from anyone. i'll ask the prostitute before our date, i'll ask the car-repairman when i'm on the phone with him, i'll ask the manager at the ymca if guns are present at the facility, i'll ask the pizza deliveryman if he carries a gun. sarah fischer, wow, the audacity of this girl is astounding.

dylan terreri, i
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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