this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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to meadows casino:

i do not use facebook enough to check messages from any of my accounts, so please respond to this letter at

i have recently found myself in my summer-attire, in walmart and other stores, and i wanted to know what your dress-code is. i have been banned from the rivers casino because it is my style to be wearing short-shorts bought at walmart in the ladies' department, i hope the casino has been hassled due to my going public with the story (do a google-search for "pittsburgh casino gay" or "pittsburgh casino intolerance ," and you'll see a link for my petition at in the #1 spot), but i thought i'd ask the meadows about any dress-code.

actually, i wasn't wearing ladies' short-shorts when rivers banned me - i was wearing soccer-shorts bought at dick's at first, then i changed into long pants after they said i was not allowed to wear shorts ("but you're a man," the worker said after i said "there are girls wearing short-shorts everywhere in your casino"). well, they banned me for wearing short-shorts...for not wearing seasonally-inappropriate men's shorts that aren't short at all. anyway, i don't want to make enemies at the meadows casino, so please let me know if you let men wear shorts. maybe i should enclose that word in quotation-marks. please let me know if you let "men" wear shorts. frankly, i don't know and i don't care if i suffer from gender-identity issues - i'm just ME. i do gawk at handsome men a lot, and i feel outcasted and blinded enough to regard every inch of their masculine bodies as a form of braille that must be felt to be understood, so i guess the quotation-marks around "man" are justified to describe me. hmn, maybe "masculivoid" is a better word.

anyway, i wear short-shorts i get in walmart's ladies' department. and i wear tank-tops for men. i've been hassled because i wear short-shorts when i'm not a member of the shorter/smaller/weaker/less hungry/less horny/slower gender, i have been at "the fox and hound" restaurant when a man in a tank-top was asked to put a t-shirt on (though they did not object to females being sleeveless), and i wanted to know if the meadows casino would allow a man to gamble in a sleeveless shirt and short-shorts. if not, i would like to know if the meadows allows transvestites into the casino, because if i don't want to be engulfed in sweat during the summer then i can do a lot more than stick a flower in my hair like eric cartman did when he wanted to use the ladies' room.

it's getting too hot for a suit, so please tell me if a man can go sleeveless and gamble in short-shorts, or if i have to go trannie in full drag. hmn, does the meadows even allow transvestites into the casino? does the meadows have a dress-code for people with gender-identity issues? if you don't let men gamble in short-shorts and tank-tops, would i have to simply put a flower in my hair or would i have to go full drag with a mask of a female's face? this letter may sound ridiculous and totally unserious, but i am covering all the bases because i want to know what is allowed so that i am not publicly humiliated like i was when the rivers banned me after i changed into long pants and a long shirt. please answer my questions. do you let men go sleeveless and wear short-shorts, do you let girls go sleeveless and wear short-shorts, do you allow the transgendered into your casino without face-masks of the opposite gender?

dylan terreri, i (please respond to this address)

ps, if you do not allow men to wear short-shorts, then how short if too short? would you allow bruce jenner into your casino in his tennis-shorts, or would he have to be caitlin jenner with or without a flower in his hair? would i be allowed into your casino with short-shorts and a tank-top if i were dylan terreri, or would i have to be dylana terreri with a face-mask that they sell online?

damn it, this letter sounds so unserious. these are the times we live in, though, and these questions must be asked. i was so humiliated at the rivers when they were treating me like a criminal and making copies of my driver's license, taking my picture, so i don't want to be put through that again. the meadows must answer my questions - can i wear short-shorts and a tank-top or do i have to go tranny with a face-mask so that i blend in with sleeveless females in short-shorts. ----------------
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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