this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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i have a bumper-sticker which reads "86% of all victims of sexual assault by a female are not believed by authorities". somewhat relevant to that statistic is this statistic: in the past two days, i have been sexually assaulted by employees at the meadows casino

now, being brain-damaged, i guess it's my fault that i don't understand that it's ONLY the employees who initiate conversation who are expected to be respectful. case-in-point: chip, who is an employee at the casino and who approached me as my "personal exclusive contact", was very respectful and non-offensive in his speech. i guess that if i'm the one who's approaching an employee and initiating a conversation, workers at the meadows can feel free to speak to me with derogatory and sexist words. if this is the case, i apologize for writing this letter, and i will try to deal with sexism at the meadows casino without complaining to anyone.

(insert nanny fine's nasal laugh)

seriously, though, before i start ranting about the sexist cat-calls spoken by female employees at the meadows casino, i'm going to try something. i told chip of my disability (my brain-damage) when he approached me to talk to me, but i'm going to relate it to the disability of the female. maybe if i parallel the disabilities of being brain-damaged with the disabilities of being female, one will be more empathetic towards men (brain-damaged or not) who are discriminated against by females. maybe if i parallel the disabilities of being brain-damaged with the disabilities of being female, i will be more easily understood and accepted.

here goes...

the female uses feminism, which is a placebo in the form of talk-therapy, to hide her own lackluster and retarded state-of-being from herself and from society in general ("retarded" meaning "less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual"), and i guess that disabled/mentally-retarded people like me have our own version of the oxymoron known as "strong woman" with the "disABLED" propaganda which suggests that there is more ABLE-ness than disabled-ness in disabled people, but we both can't escape the reality of being disabled. much like members of the shorter and smaller and weaker and less hungry and less horny and slower gender, i have issues with being disabled. like females, i have gone through my life constantly being slapped in the face with the reality of my own inadequacies. let me give some examples:

1) females are slapped in the face with their lackluster abilities to compete with men (and superior appetites), so they resort to making an exclusive "no superior appetites allowed" section (a "ladies division") of the "coney island hot-dog-eating competition". "if you can't beat 'em, ban 'em," if you will. females have been hoping for special exceptions like this to lead to the public's acceptance of gender-equality for over three decades (fact: there's little slam-dunking in the WNBA, and have you ever compared the pitch of a softball to that of a baseball? the SIZE of a softball to the size of a baseball? do "strong" women need eyeglasses, too?).

likewise, my disability slaps me in the face. i am slapped in the face with own lackluster ability to relate to people - my ability is inferior when compared with the abilities of those without brain-damage, so i resort to starting my own "BoneMe island friend-making excursion" when i'm in a locker-room, a public-bathroom, etc. "if you can't befriend 'em, hump 'em," if you will. i've been hoping for sex to lead to friendships for over two decades.

the point is that the "coney island hot-dog-eating competition - ladies' division" and the "BoneMe island friend-making excursion" are both coping-mechanisms for wannabees who don't have the capacity to actually be what they "wanna be". i feel that females at the meadows casino who have the nerve to talk down to members of the gender that 95% of them can only look UP to (females are so short) are using the same kind of coping-mechanism, and i believe that it should not be present in a professional atmosphere. if feminists are offended by being called "honey" or "babe" or "broad" or "girl" or "little one," or anything but "woman" by members of the bigger and taller and broader and stronger and hungrier and hornier and smarter (there are more men in MENSA) gender, then they should not be calling men "honey" or "babe" or even anything as androgynous as "guy".

anyway, i complained to the meadows about the sexism shown to me by a girl-bartender in the "adios lounge," it was about her addressing me as "babe," but that was a valid letter of complaint. any girl working in an exclusive section of the casino should be fired for basically showing me her milk-spouting titties with nonchalance, because the wads of money i have spent at the casino earned me the right to be in that exclusive section, and being addressed as "babe" is just as offensive to me as a pair of milk-spouting MOMmary glands are. oh, how could i forget, someone at the players club called me "honey" today. it may have been the old girl with the stupid-looking bald-patch (get a wig, lady!), but i'm not sure. i think that both girls were acting very inappropriately to be so sexist, they were acting disrespectfully and unprofessionally. it is no secret that members of the shorter/smaller/weaker/less hungry/less horny/slower gender get offended when men call them "girls" or "honey" or "babe" or "little ones," so how can they themselves engage in what they and their feminist brethren have deemed as "sexual harassment"?

dylan terreri, i
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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