i guess i'll add to this page when i remember other stuff, but here are quotes from my family:
"you embarrass me, you'll have to change your behavior if you want me in your life"
(my antics are kinda infamous around here, i was wondering why you stopped sunday lunches)

"you've put me aside in favor of others for 2 months"
(you stopped calling me long before, but i've had a home-health helper 3 days a week since)

"your helper is not a real friend because he's paid to spend time with you"
(thanks for the jolt of self-esteem)

"i'm the only one who cares about you," said in 2013, as she pounds fist on rib-cage
(thanks for the jolt of self-esteem)

"if i didn't find the lawyer after the crash almost killed you, you wouldn't have money"
(the driver's lawyer got him 2/3 of what i got, but thanks for trivializing my trauma)

"i have a stake in your money," said at the time of either my 2010 or 2015 payment
(i offered some of the 5-year payments, both in 2010 and 2015, you refused)

"if you get sued, you'll have NO MONEY, so stop offending people online and offline"
(it's like you wish my money was gone, with all of the warnings you give about losing it)

"well, we didn't know you'd turn out this well, you could have been needing 24-hour care"
(my family doesn't think that i deserve the money they helped me win from the state)

"we went to hell and back when the hospital nearly pronounced you dead, so you owe us"
(that's paraphrased, but the "hell and back" came from a real quote)

"i was sent food-stamps, but i won't use them," said in 2016 while asking me for $7,000
(you're too proud to accept government's handouts, but you'll take one from me)

"you didn't do anything with me on mother's day, 2016"
(you didn't even call on my birthday, 2015, after i refused to see a finance-man with you)

"tbi-groups will help you make real friends with those you have something in common with"
(gee, will i ever have anything in common with anyone who's not brain-damaged?)

"everyone who is close to you is in your life because they get paid somehow"
(i don't think you think of me as a person, just as an animated dollar-bill)

"$1200 a month is hard to live on, even though my mortgage is paid, so i want your money"
(i pay for your phone, i spend more on electricity and heating, i don't spend $1200)
dylan terreri, i

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